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1 Chronicles 22 New Life Version (NLV)

David Gets Ready to Build the House of God

22 Then David said, “This is the house of the Lord God. And this is the altar of burnt gifts for Israel.”

David told his men to gather the strangers who were in the land of Israel. And he had servants cut stones to build the house of God. He gave large amounts of iron to be used for making nails for the doors of the gates, and for making the parts that hold it all together. He gave more brass than could be weighed. And he gave too many cedar trees to number. For the Sidonians and Tyrians brought many cut cedar trees to David. David said, “My son Solomon is young and does not yet have much learning. And the house that is to be built for the Lord must be very beautiful. It must be very great, and well-known in all lands. So I will get things ready for it to be built.” David made many things ready for it before his death.

Then he called for his son Solomon, and gave him the work of building a house for the Lord God of Israel. David said to Solomon, “My son, I had planned to build a house to the name of the Lord my God. But the word of the Lord came to me, saying, ‘You have taken much blood, and have fought many wars. You are not to build a house to My name, because you have poured so much blood upon the earth before Me. See, a son will be born to you, who will be a man of peace. I will give him peace from all those who hate him on every side. His name will be Solomon. And I will give peace and quiet to Israel in his days. 10 He will build a house for My name. He will be My son, and I will be his father. I will make his throne in Israel last forever.’ 11 Now, my son, may the Lord be with you and help you to do well. May you build the house of the Lord your God just as He has said you would. 12 Only, may the Lord give you wisdom and understanding. When He has you rule over Israel, may you keep the Law of the Lord your God. 13 Then you will do well, if you are careful to obey the Laws which the Lord gave to Israel by Moses. Be strong and have strength of heart. Do not be afraid or troubled. 14 With much trouble I have made things ready for the house of the Lord. There is gold weighing as much as 100,000 men. There is silver weighing as much as 1,000,000 men. And there is too much brass and iron to weigh. I have made wood and stone ready, and you may add to them. 15 You have many servants and workmen who cut and build with stones and wood. There are men who are able to do every kind of work well. 16 Of the gold and silver and brass and iron, there is more than enough. So get ready and work, and may the Lord be with you.”

17 David told all the leaders of Israel to help his son Solomon. He said to them, 18 “Is not the Lord your God with you? Has He not given you peace on every side? For He has given the people of the land into my hand. The land is put under my rule before the Lord and His people. 19 Now set your heart and soul to look to the Lord your God. Get ready and build the holy place of the Lord God. Then you may bring the special box with the Law of the Lord. You may bring the holy objects of God. And put them into the house that is to be built for the name of the Lord.”

New Life Version (NLV)

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