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1 Chronicles 29 Expanded Bible (EXB)

Gifts for Building the Temple

29 King David said to ·all the Israelites who were gathered [the entire assembly], “God chose my son Solomon, who is young and ·hasn’t yet learned what he needs to know [inexperienced], ·but [and] the ·work is important [task is great/huge]. This ·palace [temple] is not for ·people [mortals]; it is for the Lord God. I have ·done my best [made every effort; L according to all my strength] to prepare for building the ·Temple [L house] of my God. I have given gold for the things made of gold and silver for the things made of silver. I have given bronze for the things made of bronze and iron for the things made of iron. I have given wood for the things made of wood and onyx for the settings. I have given turquoise gems of many different colors, ·valuable [precious] stones, and ·white marble [alabaster]. I have given all these things in ·abundance [great quantities]. I have already given this for the ·Temple [L house], but because of my ·devotion to [commitment to; delight in] the ·Temple [L house] of my God, I am also giving my own treasures of gold and silver. I am giving ·about two hundred twenty thousand pounds [L three thousand talents] of gold from Ophir and ·about five hundred twenty thousand pounds [L seven thousand talents] of ·pure [refined] silver. They will be used to ·cover [overlay] the walls of the buildings and for all the gold and silver work to be done by the craftsmen. Now, who is ·ready [willing] to ·give himself [consecrate/devote yourself] to the service of the Lord today [C by also making an offering]?”

The ·family [clan] leaders and the ·leaders [chiefs; heads] of the tribes of Israel, the commanders of a thousand men and of a hundred men, and the ·leaders [officials; overseers] ·responsible for [in charge of] the king’s work gave willingly. They donated ·about three hundred eighty thousand pounds [L five thousand talents] of gold, ·about seven hundred fifty thousand pounds [L ten thousand darics] of silver, ·about one million three hundred fifty thousand pounds [L eighteen thousand talents] of bronze, and ·about seven million five hundred thousand pounds [L one hundred thousand talents] of iron to the ·Temple [L house] of God. People who had ·valuable gems [precious stones] gave them to the treasury of the ·Temple [L house] of the Lord, under the care of Jehiel, from the Gershon ·family [clan]. The leaders gave ·willingly and completely [freely and wholeheartedly] to the Lord. The people rejoiced to see their leaders give so gladly, and King David was also ·very happy [filled with joy].

David’s Prayer

10 David ·praised [blessed] the Lord in ·front [the presence] of all the ·people who were gathered [assembly]. He said:

“We ·praise [bless] you, Lord,
    God of our father Israel,
    forever and ever.
11 Lord, ·you are great and powerful [yours is the greatness and power].
    You have glory, victory, and ·honor [majesty; splendor].
    Everything in heaven and on earth belongs to you.
·The kingdom [Sovereignty; Dominion] belongs to you, Lord;
    you are ·the ruler [head; exalted] over everything.
12 ·Riches [Wealth] and honor come from you.
    You rule everything.
·You have the [L In your hand is] power and ·strength [might]
    to make ·anyone [everyone] great and strong.
13 Now, our God, we thank you
    and praise your glorious name.

14 “·These things did not really come from me and my people. [L But who am I and who are my people that we have this much to give?]
    Everything comes from you;
    we have given you back what ·you [L your hand] gave us.
15 We are like ·foreigners [aliens; T sojourners] and ·strangers [transients; nomads],
    as our ·ancestors [fathers] were.
Our ·time [L days] on earth is like a shadow.
    There is no ·hope [or security].
16 Lord our God, we have gathered all this abundance
    to build your ·Temple [L house] for ·worship to you [L your holy name/Name].
But everything has come from ·you [L your hand];
    everything belongs to you.
17 I know, my God, that you ·test [examine; search] people’s hearts.
    You ·are happy when people do what is right [L delight/rejoice in integrity/T uprightness].
I ·was happy to [willingly; freely] give all these things,
    and I gave with ·an honest heart [pure motives].
Your people gathered here ·are happy to [willingly] give to you,
    and I rejoice to see their giving.
18 Lord, you are the God of our ·ancestors [fathers],
    the God of Abraham, Isaac, and ·Jacob [Israel].
·Make your people want to serve you always [Keep these motives always in their heart],
    and ·make them want to obey you [direct their heart toward you].
19 Give my son Solomon a ·desire to serve you [perfect heart; undivided mind; L whole heart].
    Help him always obey your commands, laws, and rules.
Help him build ·the Temple [this temple/palace]
    for which I have ·prepared [provided].”

20 Then David said to all the ·people who were gathered [assembly], “·Praise [Bless] the Lord your God.” So they all ·praised [blessed] the Lord, the God of their ·ancestors [fathers], and they bowed to the ground ·to give honor to [and prostrated themselves before] the Lord and the king.

Solomon Becomes King

21 The next day the people sacrificed to the Lord. They offered burnt offerings [Lev. 1:1–17] to him of a thousand bulls, a thousand ·male sheep [rams], and a thousand male lambs. They also brought ·drink offerings [libations]. Many sacrifices were made for all the people of Israel. 22 That day the people ·ate and drank [feasted] with much joy, ·and the Lord was with them [L before the Lord].

And they ·made [designated; acknowledged] David’s son Solomon king for the second time. They ·poured olive oil on Solomon to appoint [anointed] him king ·in the presence of [before] the Lord. And they ·poured oil on Zadok to appoint him [anointed Zadok] as priest. 23 Then Solomon sat on the Lord’s throne as king and took his father David’s place. Solomon ·was very successful [prospered], and all the people of Israel obeyed him. 24 All the ·leaders [officials; chiefs] and ·soldiers [mighty warriors] and King David’s sons ·accepted Solomon as king and promised to obey him [pledged their allegiance to King Solomon]. 25 The Lord ·made Solomon great before [exalted Solomon in the sight of] all the Israelites and gave him greater royal ·splendor [majesty] than any king before him in Israel.

David’s Death

26 David son of Jesse was king over all Israel. 27 He had ·ruled [reigned] over Israel forty years—seven years in Hebron and thirty-three years in Jerusalem. 28 David died when he was old. He had lived a good, long life ·and had received many [full of] riches and honors. His son Solomon ·became king after him [reigned in his place].

29 ·Everything David did as king [The acts/events of King David], from ·beginning to end [first to last], is ·recorded [written] in the ·records [chronicles; annals] of Samuel the ·seer [prophet], the ·records [chronicles; annals] of Nathan the prophet, and the ·records [chronicles; annals] of Gad the ·seer [prophet]. 30 Those writings tell what David did ·as king of Israel [during his reign]. They tell about his power and what happened to him and to Israel and to all the kingdoms ·around them [of the earth/land].

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