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1 Maccabees 10:37-39 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

37 And of them shall be ordained, that be in the great strengths (or in the great strongholds) of the king; of them shall be ordained over (the) needs of the realm, that be done of (or in) faith, and (their) princes (or their overseers) be of them; and walk they in their laws, as the king commanded in the land of Judea.

38 And (the) three cities, that be added to Judea of (or from) the country of Samaria, be areckoned, or deemed, with Judea; (so) that they be under one, and obey not to (any) other power, no but to the highest priest;

39 (As for) Ptolemais, and the coasts thereof, which I have given (as) a gift to (the) holy men that be in Jerusalem, to needful costs of saints. (As for Ptolemais, and the land thereof, I give it as a gift to the Temple that is in Jerusalem, for the necessary expenses of the Temple.)


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