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1 Samuel 11:10-12 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

10 and said to Ammon, Early we shall go out to you, and ye shall do to us all that pleaseth to you.[a] (and they said to the Ammonites, Early in the morning, we shall come out to you, and then ye can do to us all that pleaseth you.)

11 And it was done, when the morrowtide came, Saul ordained the people into three parts; and he entered into the middle (of the) tents (of Ammon) in the waking of the morrowtide, and he smote Ammon till the day was hot; forsooth the residues were scattered, so that twain together were not left in them. (And it was done, when the morning came, Saul divided the people into three parts, or groups; and they entered into the midst of the tents of the Ammonites during the morning watch, and they struck down the Ammonites until the day was hot; and the rest of them scattered, so that two of them were not left together.)

12 And the people said to Samuel, Who is this, that said, Saul shall not reign upon us? Give ye (up) the men, and we shall slay them.


  1. 1 Samuel 11:10 They said this in scorn, for they knew that help shall come to them in the morrow.

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