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1 Kings 2:8-9 Expanded Bible (EXB)

“And remember, Shimei son of Gera, the Benjaminite, is here with you. He cursed ·me [L me violently/with a terrible curse] the day I went to Mahanaim [2 Sam. 16:5–19]. But when he came down to meet me at the Jordan River, I ·promised [vowed/swore to] him before the Lord, ‘Shimei, I will not ·kill you [L put you to death by the sword; 2 Sam 19:16–23].’ But you should not ·leave him unpunished [consider him innocent/guiltless]. You are a wise man, and you will know what to do to him, ·but you must be sure he is killed [L and will bring his bloody gray head to Sheol/the grave; 2:6].”

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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