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2 Samuel 10 Expanded Bible (EXB)

War with the Ammonites and Arameans

10 When Nahash king of the ·Ammonites [L sons/descendants of Ammon] died, his son Hanun became king after him. David said, “Nahash ·was loyal [showed kindness; C kept treaty obligations] to me, so I will ·be loyal [show kindness] to his son Hanun.” So David sent his ·messengers [L servants] to ·comfort [console; express sympathy/condolences to] Hanun about his father’s death.

David’s ·officers [L servants] went to the land of the ·Ammonites [L sons/descendants of Ammon]. But the ·Ammonite leaders [L princes/commanders of the sons/descendants of Ammon] said to Hanun, their master, “Do you think David wants to honor your father by sending men to ·comfort [console; sympathize with] you? No! David sent them to ·study [explore; search] the city and spy it out and ·capture [overthrow] it!” So Hanun ·arrested [seized] David’s ·officers [L servants]. To shame them he shaved off half their beards and cut off their clothes at the ·hips [L buttocks]. Then he sent them away.

When the people told David, he sent messengers to meet ·his officers [L the men] because they were ·very ashamed [humiliated]. King David said, “Stay in Jericho until your beards have grown back. Then come home.”

·The Ammonites knew that they had insulted David. So [L When the sons/descendants of Ammon realized they had become odious to/greatly offended David,] they hired twenty thousand Aramean foot soldiers from Beth Rehob and Zobah. They also hired the king of Maacah with a thousand men and twelve thousand men from Tob.

When David heard about this, he sent Joab with the whole army [L with all its warriors]. The ·Ammonites [L sons/descendants of Ammon] came out and ·prepared for battle [drew up in battle formations] at the city gate. The ·Arameans [Syrians] from Zobah and Rehob and the men from Tob and Maacah were out in the field by themselves.

Joab saw that there were ·enemies [battle lines] both in front of him and behind him. So he chose some of the ·best soldiers [elite troops] of Israel and ·sent them out to fight [deployed them against] the ·Arameans [Syrians]. 10 Joab put the rest of the army under the command of Abishai, his brother. Then he ·sent them out to fight [deployed them against] the ·Ammonites [L sons/descendants of Ammon]. 11 Joab said to Abishai, “If the ·Arameans [Syrians] are too strong for me, you must help me. Or, if the ·Ammonites [L sons/descendants of Ammon] are too strong for you, I will help you. 12 Be strong. ·We must fight bravely [Let us show ourselves courageous] for our people and the cities of our God. ·The Lord will [May the Lord] do what he thinks is right.”

13 Then Joab and the army with him ·went [advanced] to attack the ·Arameans [Syrians], and the ·Arameans [Syrians] ·ran away [fled before him]. 14 When the ·Ammonites [L sons/descendants of Ammon] saw that the ·Arameans [Syrians] were ·running away [fleeing], they also ·ran away [fled] from Abishai and ·went back [retreated] to their city. So Joab returned from the battle with the ·Ammonites [L sons/descendants of Ammon] and came to Jerusalem.

15 When the ·Arameans [Syrians] saw that Israel had defeated them, they came together into one big army. 16 Hadadezer sent messengers to bring the ·Arameans [Syrians] from ·east of the Euphrates River [L beyond the river], and they went to Helam. Their leader was Shobach, the commander of Hadadezer’s army.

17 When David heard about this, he gathered all the Israelites together. They crossed over the Jordan River and went to Helam. There the ·Arameans [Syrians] ·prepared for battle [drew up in battle formations] and attacked him. 18 But the ·Arameans [Syrians] ·ran away [fled] from the Israelites. David killed seven hundred Aramean chariot drivers and forty thousand Aramean ·horsemen [or foot soldiers]. He also killed Shobach, the commander of the Aramean army.

19 When the kings who ·served [were allied with; L were the servants of] Hadadezer saw that the Israelites had defeated them, they ·made peace with [surrendered to] the Israelites and served them. And the ·Arameans [Syrians] were afraid to help the ·Ammonites [L sons/descendants of Ammon] again.

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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