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Acts 13:32-34 The Passion Translation (TPT)

32 “So here we are to share with you some wonderful news! The promise God made to our forefathers 33 has now been fulfilled for us, their children. For God has raised Jesus from the dead, as it says in Psalms:

‘Today I reveal you as my Son, and I as your Father.’[a]

34 “God had promised to not let him decay in the tomb or face destruction again, so God raised him from the dead. He gave this promise in the Psalms:

‘I will give to you[b] what I gave to David:
    Faithful mercies[c] that you can trust.’[d]


  1. Acts 13:33 See Ps. 2:7.
  2. Acts 13:34 The Greek is plural, “you all,” or “to you and yours.”
  3. Acts 13:34 Or “decrees.” See Isa. 55:3.
  4. Acts 13:34 The Aramaic is “I will give to you the grace [favor] I gave to faithful David.”
The Passion Translation (TPT)

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