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Acts 16:34 New English Translation (NET Bible)

34 The jailer[a] brought them into his house and set food[b] before them, and he rejoiced greatly[c] that he had come to believe[d] in God, together with his entire household.[e]


  1. Acts 16:34 tn Grk “He”; the referent (the jailer) has been specified in the translation for clarity.
  2. Acts 16:34 tn Grk “placed [food] on the table” (a figurative expression). Since the actual word for food is not specified, it would also be possible to translate “set a meal before them,” but since this is taking place in the middle of the night, the preparations necessary for a full meal would probably not have been made. More likely Paul and Silas were given whatever was on hand that needed little or no preparation.
  3. Acts 16:34 tn Or “he was overjoyed.”
  4. Acts 16:34 tn The translation “come to believe” reflects more of the resultative nuance of the perfect tense here.
  5. Acts 16:34 tn The phrase “together with his entire household” is placed at the end of the English sentence so that it refers to both the rejoicing and the belief. A formal equivalence translation would have “and he rejoiced greatly with his entire household that he had come to believe in God,” but the reference to the entire household being baptized in v. 33 presumes that all in the household believed.
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