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Amos 5:16 New English Translation (NET Bible)

16 Because of Israel’s sins[a] this is what the Lord, the Lord God of Heaven’s Armies,[b] says:

“In all the squares there will be wailing,
in all the streets they will mourn the dead.[c]
They will tell the field workers[d] to lament
and the professional mourners[e] to wail.


  1. Amos 5:16 tn Heb “Therefore.” This logical connector relates back to the accusation of vv. 10-13, not to the parenthetical call to repentance in vv. 14-15. To indicate this clearly, the phrase “Because of Israel’s sins” is used in the translation.
  2. Amos 5:16 tn Or “the Lord.” The Hebrew term translated “sovereign One” here is אֲדֹנָי (ʾadonay).
  3. Amos 5:16 tn Heb “they will say, ‘Ah! Ah!’” The Hebrew term הוֹ (ho, “ah, woe”) is an alternate form of הוֹי (hoy), a word used to mourn the dead and express outwardly one’s sorrow. See 1 Kgs 13:30; Jer 22:18; 34:5. This wordplay follows quickly, as v. 18 begins with הוֹי (“woe”).
  4. Amos 5:16 tn Or “farmers” (NIV, NCV, NRSV, TEV, CEV, NLT).
  5. Amos 5:16 tn Heb “those who know lamentation.”sn Professional mourners are referred to elsewhere in the OT (2 Chr 35:25; Jer 9:17) and ancient Near Eastern literature. See S. M. Paul, Amos (Hermeneia), 180.
New English Translation (NET)

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