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Deuteronomy 12:15-17 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

15 For if thou wilt eat, and the eating of flesh delighteth thee, slay thou, and eat, by the blessing of thy Lord God, that he hath given to thee in thy cities, whether it is unclean, that is, spotted, either wemmed, and feeble, either clean, and without wem, that is, whole in each member, (that) which is leaveful to be offered, thou shalt eat those, as (of) a capret, and an hart; (But if thou art hungry, and the eating of flesh delighteth thee, kill thou, and eat, whatever he hath given thee, wherever thou may live, with the blessing of the Lord thy God; yea, whether ye be clean, or unclean, ye can eat it, as you would eat the meat of a gazelle, or a deer;)

16 only without eating of [the] blood, which thou shalt shed out as water upon the earth. (but thou shalt not eat the blood; thou shalt pour it out like water onto the ground.)

17 Thou shalt not be able to eat in thy cities the tithes of thy wheat, (of) thy wine, and of thine oil, nor the first engendered things of thy droves, and of thy sheep, and all things which thou hast avowed, and wilt offer by free will, and the first fruits of thine hands; (Thou shalt not eat in thy cities the tithes of thy corn, or thy wine, or thy oil, or the first-born of thy herds, or of thy sheep, or anything which thou hast vowed, or wilt offer by free will, or the first fruits of thy hands;)


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