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Exodus 22:21 New English Translation (NET Bible)

21 “You must not wrong[a] a resident foreigner[b] nor oppress him, for you were foreigners in the land of Egypt.


  1. Exodus 22:21 tn Or “oppress.”
  2. Exodus 22:21 tn Or “alien,” both here and in 23:9. On the Hebrew גֵּר (ger) “resident foreigner” see notes at Exod 12:19 and Deut 29:11.sn In Mosaic Law the foreign resident, גֵּר (ger), was essentially a naturalized citizen and convert to worshiping the God of Israel (see 12:19, 48; Deut 29:10-13). Besides not oppressing the ger, Israel was told to love the ger (Lev 19:33-34). Several passages emphasize equal standing under Mosaic Law (Exod 12:49; 20:10; Lev 24:22; Num 9:14; 15:15, 16, 29). This equality is significant against the background of the ancient near east. The Code of Hammurapi, for example, distinguished different applications of law depending on social status.
New English Translation (NET)

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