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Exodus 28:39-43 Expanded Bible (EXB)

39 “·Make [or Weave] the ·woven [or checkered] inner robe of fine linen, and make the turban of fine linen also. Make the ·cloth belt [sash] ·with designs sewn on it [embroidered with needlework]. 40 Also make ·woven [or checkered] inner robes, ·cloth belts [sashes], and ·headbands [headdresses] for Aaron’s sons, to give them honor [glory] and beauty [splendor]. 41 Put these clothes on your brother Aaron and his sons, and ·pour olive oil on their heads to appoint them as priests [L anoint them]. ·Make them belong to me [Ordain them; L Fill their hand] so they may be ·set apart [consecrated] and serve me as priests.

42 “Make for them linen underclothes to cover ·them [L their naked flesh] from the ·waist [hip] to the ·upper parts of the legs [thigh]. 43 Aaron and his sons must wear these underclothes when they enter the Meeting Tent and anytime they come near the altar to ·serve as priests [L minister] in the Holy Place. ·If they do not wear these clothes, they will be guilty of wrong, and they will [L …so they do not bear guilt and] die. This will be a ·law [statute; ordinance; requirement] that will last from now on for Aaron and all his ·descendants [L seed].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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