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Exodus 38:25-28 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

25 The silver from those of the community who were registered was 7,544 pounds,[a] according to the sanctuary shekel— 26 2⁄5 of an ounce[b] per man, that is, half a shekel according to the sanctuary shekel, from everyone 20 years old or more who had crossed over to the registered group, 603,550 men. 27 There were 7,500 pounds[c] of silver used to cast the bases of the sanctuary and the bases of the veil—100 bases from 7,500 pounds,[d] 75 pounds[e] for each base. 28 With the remaining 44 pounds[f] he made the hooks for the posts, overlaid their tops, and supplied bands[g] for them.


  1. Exodus 38:25 Lit 100 talents and 1,775 shekels
  2. Exodus 38:26 Lit a beka
  3. Exodus 38:27 Lit 100 talents
  4. Exodus 38:27 Lit 100 talents
  5. Exodus 38:27 Lit one talent
  6. Exodus 38:28 Lit 1,775 (shekels)
  7. Exodus 38:28 Or connecting rods

Numbers 16:40 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

40 just as the Lord commanded him through Moses. It was to be a reminder for the Israelites that no unauthorized person outside the lineage of Aaron should approach to offer incense before the Lord and become like Korah and his followers.


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