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Ezekiel 27:30-32 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

30 and shall yell on thee with great voice (and they shall yell about thee with a great voice). And they shall cry bitterly, and shall cast powder, [or dust,] on their heads, and shall be sprinkled with ashes.

31 And they shall shave baldness on thee, and shall be gird with hair-shirts (And they shall shave themselves bald for thee, and shall be clothed in hair-shirts), and they shall beweep thee in bitterness of soul, with most bitter weeping.

32 And they shall take on thee a song of mourning, and they shall bewail thee, (and say,) Who is as Tyre, that was dumb in the midst of the sea? (And they shall take up a song of mourning for thee, and they shall bewail thee, and say, Who is like Tyre, that now is silent in the midst of the sea?)


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