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Ezekiel 31 Expanded Bible (EXB)

A Cedar Tree

31 It was in the eleventh year [C since King Jehoiachin’s exile (1:2)], in the third month, on the first day of the month [C June 21, 587 bc]. The ·Lord spoke his word [L word of the Lord came] to me, saying: “·Human [T Son of man; 2:1], say to the king of Egypt and his people:

‘·No one [L Who…?] is like you in your greatness.
[L Look; T Behold] Assyria was once like a cedar tree in Lebanon
    with beautiful branches that shaded the forest.
It was ·very tall [a towering height];
    its top was among the clouds.

Much water made the tree grow;
    the deep springs made it tall.
Rivers flowed
    around ·the bottom of the tree [its place of planting]
and sent their ·streams [channels]
    to all other trees ·in the countryside [of the field].

So the tree was taller
    than all the other trees ·in the countryside [of the field].
Its ·limbs [boughs] became large and its branches long
    because of ·so much [abundant] water.

All the birds of the ·sky [heavens]
    made their nests in the tree’s ·limbs [boughs; Dan. 4:12, 21].
And all the ·wild animals [beasts of the field]
    gave birth under its branches.
All great nations
    lived in the tree’s shade.

So the tree was great and beautiful,
    with its long branches,
because its roots reached down to ·much [abundant] water.

The cedar trees in the garden of God [C Eden]
    were not as great as it was.
The ·pine [fir; juniper] trees
    ·did not have such great [could not equal its] ·limbs [boughs].
The plane trees
    did not have such branches.
No tree in the garden of God
    was as beautiful as this tree.

I made it beautiful
    with many branches,
and all the trees of Eden in the garden of God
    ·wanted to be like [envied] it.

10 “‘So this is what the Lord God says: The tree grew tall. Its top reached the clouds, and it became proud of its height. 11 So I handed it ·over to [L into the hand of] a mighty ruler of the nations for him to ·punish [deal with] it. Because it was ·evil [wicked], I ·got rid of it [threw it out; cast it aside]. 12 The ·cruelest [most ruthless] foreign nation cut it down and left it. The tree’s branches fell on the mountains and in all the valleys, and its ·broken limbs [boughs] were in all the ravines of the land. All the nations of the earth left the shade of that tree. 13 The birds of the ·sky [heavens] live on the fallen tree. The wild animals live among the tree’s fallen branches. 14 So the trees that grow by the water will not ·be proud to be [or grow so] tall; they will not put their tops among the clouds. None of the trees that are watered well will grow that tall, because they all are ·meant [appointed; consigned] to die and go ·under the ground [or to the underworld; to the depths of the earth]. They will be with ·people who have died [mortals; L sons of men] and ·have gone down [those who descend] to the ·place of the dead [L pit].

15 “‘This is what the Lord God says: On the day ·when the tree [L it; C Assyria] went down to ·the place of the dead [L Sheol], I ·made the deep springs cry loudly [or caused mourning]. I ·covered them [or closed the deep over it] and held back their rivers, and the great waters ·stopped flowing [were restrained]. I dressed Lebanon ·in black [or with gloom; C in mourning for the great tree], and all the trees in the countryside ·were sad about it [wilted; fainted]. 16 I made the nations ·shake with fear [tremble; quake] at the sound of the tree falling when I brought it down to ·the place of the dead [Sheol]. It went to join those who ·have gone down [descend] to the ·grave [pit; C the trees represent other great nations that have fallen]. Then all the trees of Eden and the best and ·most beautiful [choicest] trees of Lebanon, all the well-watered trees, were comforted in the ·place of the dead below the earth [underworld; world below]. 17 These trees had also gone down with the great tree to ·the place of the dead [L Sheol]. They joined those who were killed ·in war [L by the sword] and those among the nations who had lived under the great tree’s shade.

18 “‘·So no tree [L Which of the trees…?] in Eden is equal to you [C Egypt], in ·greatness [glory; splendor] and ·honor [greatness; majesty], but you will go down to join the trees of Eden in the ·place below the earth [underworld]. You will lie among ·unclean people [L the uncircumcised], with those who were killed ·in war [L by the sword].

“‘This is about Pharaoh and all his ·people [hordes; armies], says the Lord God.’”

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