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Ezra 3:12-13 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

12 Also full many of the priests, and of the deacons, and the princes of (the) fathers, and the elder men, that had seen the former temple, when it was founded, and (now) saw this temple before their eyes, wept with great voice, and many men crying in great gladness raised up the voice; (And a great many of the priests, and the Levites, and the leaders of the families of the tribes, and the elders, who had seen the first Temple, and now saw the foundation for this Temple laid before their eyes, wept with a great wailing, and many others raised up their voices, and shouted with great gladness;)

13 and no man might know the voice of cry of the men being glad, and the voice of weeping of the people; for the people cried together with [a] great cry, and the voice of them was heard afar. (and no one could distinguish between the sound of the people being glad, and the sound of the people weeping; for the people cried out with such a great shout, or with such noise, and their sound was heard afar off.)


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