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Genesis 16:5 New English Translation (NET Bible)

Then Sarai said to Abram, “You have brought this wrong on me![a] I gave my servant into your embrace,[b] but when she realized[c] that she was pregnant, she despised me.[d] May the Lord judge between you and me!”[e]


  1. Genesis 16:5 tn Heb “my wrong is because of you.”
  2. Genesis 16:5 tn Heb “bosom” or “lap.”
  3. Genesis 16:5 tn Heb “saw.”
  4. Genesis 16:5 tn Heb “I was despised in her eyes.” The passive verb has been translated as active for stylistic reasons. Sarai was made to feel supplanted and worthless by Hagar the servant girl.
  5. Genesis 16:5 tn Heb “me and you.”sn May the Lord judge between you and me. Sarai blamed Abram for Hagar’s attitude, not the pregnancy. Here she expects to be vindicated by the Lord who will prove Abram responsible. A colloquial rendering might be, “God will get you for this.” It may mean that she thought Abram had encouraged the servant girl in her elevated status.
New English Translation (NET)

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