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Genesis 42:23-25 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

23 Soothly they knew not that Joseph understood them, for he spake to them by (an) interpreter/by an expounder.

24 And he turned away himself a little, and wept; and he turned again, and spake to them (And he turned himself away a little, and wept; and then he turned back, and spoke to them). And he took Simeon, and bound him, while they were present;

25 and (then privily,) he commanded the servants, that they should fill their sacks with wheat, and that they should put all their money in their bags, and over this give to them meats in the way; which did so. (and then privately, he commanded his servants, to fill all their sacks with corn, or with grain, and to put all their money back into their bags, and, more than this, to give them food for the way; and this was done.)


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