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Isaiah 14:9 New English Translation (NET Bible)

Sheol[a] below is stirred up about you,
ready to meet you when you arrive.
It rouses[b] the spirits of the dead for you,
all the former leaders of the earth;[c]
it makes all the former kings of the nations
rise from their thrones.[d]


  1. Isaiah 14:9 sn Sheol is the proper name of the subterranean world which was regarded as the land of the dead.
  2. Isaiah 14:9 tn Heb “arousing.” The form is probably a Polel infinitive absolute, rather than a third masculine singular perfect, for Sheol is grammatically feminine (note “stirred up”). See GKC 466 §145.t.
  3. Isaiah 14:9 tn Heb “all the rams of the earth.” The animal epithet is used metaphorically here for leaders. See HALOT 903 s.v. *עַתּוּד.
  4. Isaiah 14:9 tn Heb “lifting from their thrones all the kings of the nations.” הֵקִים (heqim, a Hiphil perfect third masculine singular) should be emended to an infinitive absolute (הָקֵים, haqem). See the note on “rouses” earlier in the verse.
New English Translation (NET)

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