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Isaiah 48:1 New English Translation (NET Bible)

The Lord Appeals to the Exiles

48 Listen to this, O family of Jacob,[a]
you who are called by the name ‘Israel,’
and are descended from Judah,[b]
who take oaths in the name of the Lord,
and invoke[c] the God of Israel—
but not in an honest and just manner.[d]


  1. Isaiah 48:1 tn Heb “house of Jacob”; TEV, CEV “people of Israel.”
  2. Isaiah 48:1 tc The Hebrew text reads literally “and from the waters of Judah came out.” מִמֵּי (mimme) could be a variation from an original מִמְּעֵי (mimmeʿe, “from the inner parts of”). The translation above as well as several other translations treat the text this way or understand that this is what the Hebrew phrase figuratively means (cf. HCSB, NASB, NIV, NLT, NRSV). Some translations (ESV, NKJV) retain the MT reading and render it literally as “waters.” The Qumran scroll 1QIsaa, which corrects a similar form to “from inner parts of” in 39:7, does not do it here.
  3. Isaiah 48:1 tn Heb “cause to remember”; KJV, ASV “make mention of.”
  4. Isaiah 48:1 tn Heb “not in truth and not in righteousness.”
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