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Isaiah 18:1-2 Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV)

A Prophecy About Cush

18 Woe to the land of the whirring wings, along the rivers of Cush.[a]

They send ambassadors by sea, in papyrus boats on the water.

Go, you swift messengers,
to a tall people with smooth, dark skin,[b]
to a nation feared far and near,
a nation powerful and conquering,[c]
from a land divided by rivers!


  1. Isaiah 18:1 Cush is the ancient name for the territory south of the First Cataract of the Nile. Called Ethiopia in Roman times, it included most of present-day Sudan and some of present-day Ethiopia.
  2. Isaiah 18:2 Literally polished skin
  3. Isaiah 18:2 Or a powerful nation with a strange language. The last two lines of the verse are difficult.
Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV)

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