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Isaiah 23:9-11 International Children’s Bible (ICB)

It was the Lord of heaven’s armies who planned this!
    He decided to make these proud men unimportant.
    He decided to disgrace those who were greatly respected.
10 Go through your land,
    Tarshish, like the Nile goes through Egypt.
    There is no harbor for you now!
11 The Lord has stretched his hand over the sea.
    He makes its kingdoms tremble.
He commands that Canaan’s
    places of safety be destroyed.

International Children’s Bible (ICB)

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Isaiah 23:9-11 New International Version (NIV)

The Lord Almighty planned it,
    to bring down her pride in all her splendor
    and to humble all who are renowned on the earth.

10 Till[a] your land as they do along the Nile,
    Daughter Tarshish,
    for you no longer have a harbor.
11 The Lord has stretched out his hand over the sea
    and made its kingdoms tremble.
He has given an order concerning Phoenicia
    that her fortresses be destroyed.


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New International Version (NIV)

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