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Isaiah 28:5-7 New English Translation (NET Bible)

At that time[a] the Lord of Heaven’s Armies will become a beautiful crown
and a splendid diadem for the remnant of his people.
He will give discernment to the one who makes judicial decisions,
and strength to those who defend the city from attackers.[b]
Even these men[c] stagger because of wine;
they stumble around because of beer—
priests and prophets stagger because of beer,
they are confused[d] because of wine,
they stumble around because of beer;
they stagger while seeing prophetic visions,[e]
they totter while making legal decisions.[f]


  1. Isaiah 28:5 tn Or “in that day” (KJV).
  2. Isaiah 28:6 tn Heb “and [he will become] a spirit of justice for the one who sits [i.e., presides] over judgment, // and strength [for] the ones who turn back battle at the city gate.” The Lord will provide internal stability and national security.
  3. Isaiah 28:7 tn Heb “these.” The demonstrative pronoun anticipates “priests and prophets” two lines later.
  4. Isaiah 28:7 tn According to HALOT 135 s.v. III בלע, the verb form is derived from בָּלַע (balaʿ, “confuse”), not the more common בָּלַע (“swallow”). See earlier notes at 3:12 and 9:16.
  5. Isaiah 28:7 tn Heb “in the seeing.”
  6. Isaiah 28:7 tn Heb “[in] giving a decision.”
New English Translation (NET)

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