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Isaiah 35:7-9 Expanded Bible (EXB)

The ·burning desert [scorched ground; parched earth] will have pools of water,
    and the ·dry [parched; thirsty] ground will have springs.
Where ·wild dogs [jackals] once ·lived [lived and laid down],
    grass and ·water plants [reeds and rushes/papyrus] will grow.
A road will be there;
    this highway will be called “The ·Road to Being Holy [L Way/Highway of Holiness].”
·Evil people [The unclean; C ritually] will not be allowed to walk on that road;
    only good people [C those who walk in the Way of Holiness] will walk on it.
    No fools [C the morally corrupt who disregard God] will go on it.
No lions will be there,
    nor will ·dangerous animals [ravenous/violent beasts] be on that road.
    They will not be found there.
That road will be for the ·people God saves [redeemed];

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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