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Isaiah 52:6-8 Expanded Bible (EXB)

This has happened so my people will know ·who I am [L my name],
    and so, ·on that future [L in that] day, they will know
that I am the one speaking to them.
    ·It will really be me [L Look/T Behold, I].”

·How beautiful [or How beautiful on the mountains] ·is the person [L are the feet of him]
    who ·comes over the mountains to bring [or brings] good news,
who announces peace
    and brings good news,
    who announces salvation [Nah. 1:15]
and says to ·Jerusalem [L Zion; v. 1],
    “Your God ·is King [or reigns].”
Listen! Your ·guards [watchmen] ·are shouting [raise their voices].
    They are all shouting [L together] for joy!
They all will see ·with their own eyes [right in front of their eyes; L eye in eye]
    when the Lord returns to ·Jerusalem [L Zion; v. 1].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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