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Isaiah 57 The Voice (VOICE)

57 Eternal One: The person who does what is right dies, and no one cares.
        Good people are carted off, and no one understands why.
    For those who are in the right are taken away
        and spared a face-to-face encounter with evil.
    Nevertheless, those who go through life with integrity and righteousness
        will rest in peace and die in their own beds.

    But you, you two-faced witch’s spawn, come here.
        You are adultery’s children, prostitution’s offspring.
    Who is it that you mock?
        Whom do you tease and taunt with your vulgar gestures?
    You are born of deceit and lies, and nursed on violence and wrong.
    You get all excited by other deities and are stimulated by their rituals,
        prancing around lush trees and sacrificing innocent children
    In valleys and beneath cliffs, dark and sinister.
    You’ve made your choice.
        You’ve thrown in your lot with idols and smooth stones in dark ravines,
    Wining and dining strange gods with offerings of drink and grain.
        And you expect Me to tolerate this?

    You’ve made your bed in the “sacred places,”
        given offerings, and made prayers on high and lofty mountains.
    You declare your obedience to Me, but all hidden away—as if I couldn’t see;
        behind the very door and doorpost, you set up your shrine.
    You turned your back on Me and snuck off to be intimate with other deities;
        you made promises to them and bound yourself to them all tight and close.
    You offered oils and musky ointments to Molech, your lover-god,
        and sent your servants to exotic places far away,
    Sent them down even into the grave
        to increase your pleasure with a variety of deities.
10     And even when the journey wore you out, your lust drove you on.
        You did not give up, thinking it hopeless,
    But you found strength and renewed your resolve.
11     Who are you afraid of?
        I don’t know why you lied to Me about it;
    You never seemed to care what I thought.
        Maybe I’ve been patient and quiet too long—
    Is that why you’ve lost all respect for Me?
12     I will tell the story of your righteousness and good deeds,
        but they can’t help you now.
13     Not even this hodge-podge of idols you call gods can help you.
        They’ll not come to your aid if you cry for help.
    They’re nothing. A gentle breeze could blow them away;
        a breath could topple them,
    But whoever stays true to Me, whoever looks to Me for help and support
        will inherit the land and possess My holy mountain.

14 For those who cling to the true God, it is said,
    “Clear the way that they travel; widen the roads and make them smooth!
Take away any difficulty so that they may go easily!”

15 For the highest God above,
    who is and always will be, the only One who is holy has this to say:

Eternal One: I live in the high and holy place,
        yet I am with the low, the weak, and the humble.
    I renew their vitality and revive their strength.
16     For I will not struggle against them forever,
        and I won’t always be angry.
    For the human spirit would grow faint—
        the breath of life I created would soon grow weak.
17     Yes, they infuriated Me with how they profited from their greed and violence,
        so I struck them down and turned My back on them,
    And still they persisted in their wrongdoing.
18     I have seen how they act, but I will still bind them up and make them well again.
        I will show them the way, comfort and console them.
19     I will create in them a desire to praise.
        “Peace, peace, to those far away.
    All will be well, wherever you are.”
        And I will heal them.
20     By contrast, the wicked are all riled up
        like a storm-tossed sea that cannot be calmed.
    Its crashing waves wash up muck and dirt on the shore.
21     But there will be no peace for the wicked.

So says my God.

The Voice (VOICE)

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Isaiah 57 New International Version (NIV)

57 The righteous perish,
    and no one takes it to heart;
the devout are taken away,
    and no one understands
that the righteous are taken away
    to be spared from evil.
Those who walk uprightly
    enter into peace;
    they find rest as they lie in death.

“But you—come here, you children of a sorceress,
    you offspring of adulterers and prostitutes!
Who are you mocking?
    At whom do you sneer
    and stick out your tongue?
Are you not a brood of rebels,
    the offspring of liars?
You burn with lust among the oaks
    and under every spreading tree;
you sacrifice your children in the ravines
    and under the overhanging crags.
The idols among the smooth stones of the ravines are your portion;
    indeed, they are your lot.
Yes, to them you have poured out drink offerings
    and offered grain offerings.
    In view of all this, should I relent?
You have made your bed on a high and lofty hill;
    there you went up to offer your sacrifices.
Behind your doors and your doorposts
    you have put your pagan symbols.
Forsaking me, you uncovered your bed,
    you climbed into it and opened it wide;
you made a pact with those whose beds you love,
    and you looked with lust on their naked bodies.
You went to Molek[a] with olive oil
    and increased your perfumes.
You sent your ambassadors[b] far away;
    you descended to the very realm of the dead!
10 You wearied yourself by such going about,
    but you would not say, ‘It is hopeless.’
You found renewal of your strength,
    and so you did not faint.

11 “Whom have you so dreaded and feared
    that you have not been true to me,
and have neither remembered me
    nor taken this to heart?
Is it not because I have long been silent
    that you do not fear me?
12 I will expose your righteousness and your works,
    and they will not benefit you.
13 When you cry out for help,
    let your collection of idols save you!
The wind will carry all of them off,
    a mere breath will blow them away.
But whoever takes refuge in me
    will inherit the land
    and possess my holy mountain.”

Comfort for the Contrite

14 And it will be said:

“Build up, build up, prepare the road!
    Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people.”
15 For this is what the high and exalted One says—
    he who lives forever, whose name is holy:
“I live in a high and holy place,
    but also with the one who is contrite and lowly in spirit,
to revive the spirit of the lowly
    and to revive the heart of the contrite.
16 I will not accuse them forever,
    nor will I always be angry,
for then they would faint away because of me—
    the very people I have created.
17 I was enraged by their sinful greed;
    I punished them, and hid my face in anger,
    yet they kept on in their willful ways.
18 I have seen their ways, but I will heal them;
    I will guide them and restore comfort to Israel’s mourners,
19     creating praise on their lips.
Peace, peace, to those far and near,”
    says the Lord. “And I will heal them.”
20 But the wicked are like the tossing sea,
    which cannot rest,
    whose waves cast up mire and mud.
21 “There is no peace,” says my God, “for the wicked.”


  1. Isaiah 57:9 Or to the king
  2. Isaiah 57:9 Or idols
New International Version (NIV)

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