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Isaiah 59:13-15 Expanded Bible (EXB)

13 ·sinning [transgressing; rebelling] and ·rejecting [L lying against] the Lord,
    turning ·away from [our backs to] our God,
·planning to hurt others and to disobey God [L speaking oppression and revolt],
    ·planning [conceiving] and speaking lies.
14 So we have driven away justice,
    and ·we have kept away from what is right [L righteousness stands far off].
Truth ·is not spoken [stumbles] in the ·streets [public squares];
    what is honest ·is not allowed to enter the city [L cannot enter].
15 Truth ·cannot be found anywhere [is lost/gone; or fails],
    and people who refuse to do evil ·are attacked [become prey].

The Lord looked and could not find any justice,
    and he was displeased.

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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Isaiah 59:13-15 New International Version (NIV)

13 rebellion and treachery against the Lord,
    turning our backs on our God,
inciting revolt and oppression,
    uttering lies our hearts have conceived.
14 So justice is driven back,
    and righteousness stands at a distance;
truth has stumbled in the streets,
    honesty cannot enter.
15 Truth is nowhere to be found,
    and whoever shuns evil becomes a prey.

The Lord looked and was displeased
    that there was no justice.

New International Version (NIV)

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