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Isaiah 59:19-21 Lexham English Bible (LEB)

19 So[a] they shall fear the name of Yahweh from the west,
    and his glory from the sunrise,
for he will come like a narrow stream;
    the wind of Yahweh drives it on.
20 “And a redeemer will come to Zion,
    to those in Jacob who turn away from transgression,”

declares[b] Yahweh.

21 “And as for me, this is my covenant with them, says Yahweh:

my spirit that is upon you,
    and my words that I have placed in your mouth
shall not depart from your mouth,
    or[c] from the mouths[d] of your children,[e]
    or[f] from the mouths[g] of your children’s children,”[h]
        says Yahweh, “from now on and forever.”


  1. Isaiah 59:19 Or “And”
  2. Isaiah 59:20 Literally “declaration of”
  3. Isaiah 59:21 Or “and”
  4. Isaiah 59:21 Hebrew “mouth”
  5. Isaiah 59:21 Literally “offspring”
  6. Isaiah 59:21 Or “and”
  7. Isaiah 59:21 Hebrew “mouth”
  8. Isaiah 59:21 Literally “the offspring of your offspring”
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