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Isaiah 62:10-12 The Voice (VOICE)

10 So ready yourselves to pass through the gates, from old to new.
    Clear the way for the people;
Make it clear, easy, and straight.
    Unfurl the banners that proclaim these people are renewed!
11 For none other than the Eternal has announced for all to hear—

A divine drama is played out with the chorus on one side, the soloist on the other. The “people” ask a question, and God rings out a response. Dramatic, to say the least. What trials and tribulations the Israelites have been through! What highs and lows! It is all God’s doing in response to their faithlessness. But this is history, and now they find themselves living and working in a brand new time; a new day is coming—of restoration, peace, and glorious reputation for God’s people such as they’ve never had before. The renewal is international in scope, without peer in the world. And this, too, is God’s doing. His capacity for mercy is great. He loves His people beyond comprehension. This is why He should be recognized and appreciated by all as the one True God. He keeps saving and delivering, restoring and supporting the people, just as God has done since that moment of binding promise made so long ago.

Eternal One: Say to the daughter of Zion
        “See, your salvation is coming; your liberation is on the way—
    God’s reward is with Him: His work is by His side.”

12 And they will be called “The Holy People, Redeemed by the Eternal”;
    Jerusalem’s new name will be “Desirable City, No Longer Forsaken.”

The Voice (VOICE)

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