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Isaiah 17:10 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

10 For you have forgotten the God of your salvation,
and you have failed to remember
the rock of your strength;
therefore you will plant beautiful plants
and set out cuttings from exotic vines.

Jeremiah 3:21 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

21 A sound is heard on the barren heights,
the children of Israel weeping and begging for mercy,
for they have perverted their way;
they have forgotten the Lord their God.

Ezekiel 22:12 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

12 People who live in you accept bribes in order to shed blood. You take interest and profit on a loan and brutally extort your neighbors. You have forgotten Me.” This is the declaration of the Lord God.

Hosea 8:14 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

14 Israel has forgotten his Maker and built palaces;
Judah has also multiplied fortified cities.
I will send fire on their cities,
and it will consume their citadels.

Hosea 13:6 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

When they had pasture,
they became satisfied;
they were satisfied,
and their hearts became proud.
Therefore they forgot Me.

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