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Isaiah 40:6-8 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

A voice was saying, “Cry out!”
Another[a] said, “What should I cry out?”
“All humanity is grass,
and all its goodness is like the flower of the field.
The grass withers, the flowers fade
when the breath[b] of the Lord blows on them;[c]
indeed, the people are grass.
The grass withers, the flowers fade,
but the word of our God remains forever.”


  1. Isaiah 40:6 DSS, LXX, Vg read I
  2. Isaiah 40:7 Or wind, or Spirit
  3. Isaiah 40:7 Lit it

Luke 21:33 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

33 Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away.

James 1:10-11 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

10 but the one who is rich should boast in his humiliation because he will pass away like a flower of the field. 11 For the sun rises with its scorching heat and dries up the grass; its flower falls off, and its beautiful appearance is destroyed. In the same way, the rich man will wither away while pursuing his activities.

1 John 2:17 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

17 And the world with its lust is passing away, but the one who does God’s will remains forever.

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