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Isaiah 50 Expanded Bible (EXB)

Israel Was Punished for Its Sin

50 This is what the Lord says :

“People of Israel, you say I ·divorced [L sent away] your mother.
    Then where is the certificate of divorce that proves it?
Or ·do you think I sold you to pay a debt [L to which of my creditors did I sell you]?
Because of ·the evil things you did [your sins/iniquities], I sold you.
    Because of ·the times she turned against me [your transgressions], your mother was sent away.
·I came home and found [L Why, when I came, did I find…?] no one there;
    I called, but no one answered.
·Do you think I am not able [L Is my hand too short] to ·save [redeem] you [59:1]?
    Do I not have the power to save you?
·Look [T Behold], ·I need only to shout and [L With my rebuke] the sea becomes dry [Ex. 14:21].
    I change rivers into a desert [Josh. 3:16],
and their fish rot because there is no water;
    they die of thirst.
I can ·make the skies dark [L clothe the skies/heavens in darkness; Rev. 6:12];
    I can make ·them black like clothes of sadness [L sackcloth their covering].”

God’s Servant Obeys

The Lord God gave me the ·ability to teach [L tongue of a student/learned one]
    so that I know what to say to make the ·weak [weary] strong.
Every morning he wakes me.
    He ·teaches me [L awakens my ear] to listen like a student [C this passage (50:4–11) is the third of four “servant songs” in Isaiah; see 42:1].
The Lord God ·helps me learn [or speaks clearly to me; L has opened my ear],
    and I have not ·turned against him [rebelled]
    nor ·stopped following him [turned away/back].
I offered my back to those who beat me.
    I offered my cheeks to those who ·pulled [ripped out] my beard.
I ·won’t [or did not] hide my face from them
    when they ·make fun of [mocked; insulted; shamed] me and spit at me [53:5; Matt. 26:67; 27:26; Mark 15:19; Luke 22:63].
The Lord God helps me,
    so I will not be ·ashamed [disgraced].
I ·will be determined [L have set my face like flint; Ezek. 3:8–9],
    and I know I will not be ·disgraced [put to shame].
He ·shows that I am innocent [vindicates], and he is ·close to me [near].
    So who can ·accuse me [bring charges against me; Rom. 8:33–34]?
    If there is someone, let us ·go to court [L stand up] together.
·If someone wants to prove I have done wrong [L Who are my accusers?],
    he should ·come and tell [challenge; L come near] me.
Look! It is the Lord God who helps me.
    So who can ·prove me guilty [condemn me]?
Look! All those who try will ·become useless like old clothes [wear out like a garment];
    moths will eat them.

10 Who among you fears the Lord
    and obeys his servant?
The person who walks in the dark without light
    should trust in the [L name of the] Lord and depend on his God.
11 ·But instead [or Look; Behold], ·some of you want to [L all of you who] light your own fires
    and make your own light.
So, go, walk in the light of your fires,
    and trust ·your own light to guide you [the torches you have ignited].
But this is what you will receive from ·me [my hand]:
    You will lie down in ·a place of pain [torment; C could refer to physical pain in the present world or to the torment of hell].

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