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Jeremiah 23:14-16 Common English Bible (CEB)

14 In the prophets of Jerusalem
    I saw something horrible:
    They commit adultery and tell lies.
    They encourage evildoers
        so that no one turns from their wickedness.
In my eyes, they are no better than Sodom;
    its people are like Gomorrah.

15 Therefore, this is what the Lord of heavenly forces proclaims concerning the prophets:

    I’m going to feed them bitter food
        and give them poison to drink.
Wickedness has spread from the prophets of Jerusalem
    throughout the land.

16 The Lord proclaims:
Don’t listen to the prophets
    who are speaking to you;
        they are deceiving you.
    Their visions come from their own hearts,
        not from the Lord’s mouth.

Common English Bible (CEB)

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