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Jeremiah 49:36-38 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

36 And I shall bring on Elam four winds, from [the] four coasts of heaven, and I shall winnow them into all these winds, and no folk shall be, to whom the fleers of Elam shall not come. (And I shall bring on Elam the four winds, from the four corners of the heavens, and I shall winnow them into all of these winds, and there shall be no nation, to whom the fleers from Elam shall not come.)

37 And I shall make Elam for to dread before their enemies, and in the sight of men seeking the life of them; and I shall bring on them evil, the wrath of my strong vengeance, saith the Lord; and I shall send after them a sword, till I waste them. (And I shall make Elam to be in terror, or in fear, before their enemies, and before those who seek their lives; and I shall bring in evil upon them, the anger of my strong vengeance, saith the Lord; and I shall send a sword after them, until I destroy them.)

38 And I shall set my king’s seat in Elam, and I shall lose thereof kings, and princes, saith the Lord. (And I shall set up my king’s throne in Elam, and I shall destroy its kings, and its princes, or its leaders, saith the Lord.)

Jeremiah 49:36-38 New International Version (NIV)

36 I will bring against Elam the four winds
    from the four quarters of heaven;
I will scatter them to the four winds,
    and there will not be a nation
    where Elam’s exiles do not go.
37 I will shatter Elam before their foes,
    before those who want to kill them;
I will bring disaster on them,
    even my fierce anger,”
declares the Lord.
“I will pursue them with the sword
    until I have made an end of them.
38 I will set my throne in Elam
    and destroy her king and officials,”
declares the Lord.

New International Version (NIV)

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