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Jeremiah 47 Expanded Bible (EXB)

A Message to the Philistines

47 Before the king of Egypt ·attacked [L struck] the city of Gaza, the Lord spoke his word to Jeremiah the prophet. This message is to the Philistine people [C to the west of Israel; Gen. 10:14; 21:32, 34].

This is what the Lord says:

“See, waters are rising from the north [C representing the overwhelming force of the Babylonians].
    They will become like an overflowing ·stream [torrent]
and will cover the whole country ·like a flood [L and its fullness],
    even the towns and the people living in them.
Everyone living in that country
    will cry for help;
    the people will ·cry painfully [wail].
They will hear the sound of the ·running horses [L hoofs of the chargers]
    and the noisy chariots
    and the rumbling chariot wheels.
·Parents [Fathers] will not ·help their children to safety [turn back for their children],
    because ·they will be too weak to help [L their hands will be weak].
The ·time [L day] has come
    to destroy all the Philistines.
It is time to ·destroy [L cut off] all who ·are left alive [survive]
    who could help the cities of Tyre and Sidon [C the two most important Phoenician cities; the Philistines, Egypt’s allies, could no longer help them].
The Lord will soon destroy the Philistines,
    ·those left alive from the island of Crete [L the remnant of the coastline of Caphtor].
·The people from the city of Gaza will be sad and shave their heads [L Baldness will come to Gaza].
    The people from the city of Ashkelon will be made silent.
·Those left alive [Remnant] from the valley,
    how long will you ·cut [gash] yourselves [C a mourning ritual]?

“·You cry [L Ah], ‘Sword of the Lord,
    how long ·will you keep fighting [L before you rest]?
Return to your ·holder [sheath].
    Stop and be still.’
But how can his sword rest
    when the Lord has given it a command?
He has ·ordered [assigned] it
    to attack Ashkelon and the seacoast.”

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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