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Jeremiah 48 Expanded Bible (EXB)

A Message to Moab

48 This message is to the country of Moab [C to the east of Israel; Gen. 19; Num. 25; Deut. 23:3–6].

This is what the Lord ·All-Powerful [Almighty; of Heaven’s Armies; T of hosts], the God of Israel, says:

“·How terrible it will be for the city of [Woe to] Nebo,
    because it will be ·ruined [desolate].
The town of Kiriathaim [Num. 32:37; Josh. 13:19; Ezek. 25:9] will be disgraced and captured;
    the ·strong [fortified] city will be disgraced and shattered.
Moab will not be praised again.
    Men in the town of Heshbon plan ·Moab’s defeat [L its disaster].
    They say, ‘Come, let us ·put an end to [L cut off] that nation!’
Town of Madmen you will also be silenced.
    The sword will ·chase [L come after] you.
Listen to the cries from the town of Horonaim,
    ·cries of much confusion and destruction [L desolation and great fracture].
Moab will be broken up.
    ·Her little children will cry for help [or Their cries are heard as far as Zoar].
Moab’s people go up the path to the town of Luhith,
    crying ·loudly [continually] as they go.
On the road down to Horonaim,
    cries of pain and suffering can be heard.
·Run [Flee]! ·Run for [L Escape with] your lives!
    Go like a ·bush [or wild ass; or Aroer] in the ·desert [wilderness].
You ·trust [have confidence] in the things you do and in your ·wealth [L storehouses; or arsenals],
    so you also will be captured.
The god Chemosh [C the chief god of Moab] will go into ·captivity [exile]
    and his priests and officers with him.
The destroyer will come against every town;
    not one town will escape.
The valley will ·be ruined [perish],
    and the high plain will be destroyed,
    as the Lord has said.
Give ·wings [or salt; C a symbol of complete destruction; Judg. 9:45] to Moab,
    because she will surely leave her land.
Moab’s towns will become ·empty [desolate],
    with no one to live in them.
10 A curse will be on anyone who ·doesn’t do what the Lord says [L is slack in doing the Lord’s work],
    and a curse will be on anyone who holds back his sword from ·killing [L blood].

11 “The people of Moab have ·never known trouble [L been at ease since its youth].
    They are like wine left to settle;
they have never been poured from one jar to another.
    They have not ·been taken into captivity [L gone into exile].
So ·they taste as they did before [L their flavor stands],
    and their ·smell [aroma] has not changed.
12 ·A time is [L Days are] coming,” says the Lord,
    “When I will send people to ·pour [decant] you from your jars.
They will empty Moab’s jars
    and smash their jugs [C a fitting image since Moab produced much wine; 16:8–10].
13 The ·people [L house] of Israel ·trusted [had confidence in] that god in the town of Bethel [1 Kin. 13:26–33; Amos 7:13],
    and they were ·ashamed [humiliated] when there was no help.
In the same way Moab will be ·ashamed of [humiliated by] their god Chemosh.

14 “·You cannot [L How can you…?] say, ‘We are warriors!
    We are brave men in battle!’
15 The destroyer of Moab and her towns has arrived.
    Her best young men will be ·killed [slaughtered]!” says the King,
    whose name is the Lord ·All-Powerful [Almighty; of Heaven’s Armies; T of hosts].
16 “The ·end [disaster; calamity] of Moab is near,
    and ·she will soon be destroyed [L her disaster comes quickly].
17 All you who live around Moab,
    all you who know ·her [L her name], ·cry [mourn] for her.
Say, ‘The ·ruler’s power [L strong scepter] is broken;
    ·Moab’s power and glory are gone [L …the glorious/beautiful staff].’

18 “·You people living in the town of [L Enthroned daughter] Dibon, come down from ·your place of honor [glory]
    and sit on the dry ground,
because the destroyer of Moab has come against you.
    And he has destroyed your ·strong, walled [fortified] cities.
19 You people living in the town of Aroer,
    stand next to the road and watch.
See the man ·running away [fleeing] and the woman escaping.
    Ask them, ‘What happened?’
20 Moab is filled with ·shame [humiliation], because she is ruined.
    ·Cry [Wail], Moab, cry out!
Announce at the Arnon River
    that Moab is destroyed.
21 People on the high plain have been ·punished [judged].
    Judgment has come to these towns:
    Holon, Jahzah, and Mephaath;
22     Dibon, Nebo, and Beth Diblathaim;
23     Kiriathaim, Beth Gamul, and Beth Meon;
24     Kerioth and Bozrah [C all cities on the Moabite plateau].
    Judgment has come to all the towns of Moab, far and near.
25 Moab’s ·strength [L horn; C a symbol of strength] has been cut off,
    and its arm broken!” says the Lord.

26 “The people of Moab thought they were greater than the Lord,
    so ·punish them until they act as if they are drunk [L make them drunk].
Moab will ·fall and roll around [wallow; or overflow] in its own vomit,
    and people will even make fun of it [C they would drink from the cup of wrath; 25:15–38; Is. 19:14; 51:17; Nah. 1:10].
27 Moab, you made fun of Israel.
    Israel was ·caught [or not found] in the middle of a gang of thieves.
When you spoke about Israel,
    you shook your head [C acting as if Moab were better].
28 People in Moab, ·leave your towns empty [L abandon; forsake]
    and go live among the ·rocks [crags].
Be like a dove that makes its nest
    at the entrance of a cave.

29 “We have heard that the people of Moab are ·proud [arrogant],
    very ·proud [arrogant].
They are proud, very ·proud [arrogant],
    and in their hearts ·they think they are important [L are exalted; Ps. 131].”
30 The Lord says,
    “I know ·Moab’s great pride [L his insolence], but it is ·useless [false].
    Moab’s bragging accomplishes nothing.
31 So I ·cry sadly [wail] for Moab,
    for everyone in Moab.
    I ·moan [mourn] for the people from the town of Kir Hareseth.
32 I cry with the people of the town of Jazer
    for you, the grapevines of the town of Sibmah.
In the past your vines spread all the way to the sea,
    as far as the sea of Jazer.
But the destroyer has ·taken over [L fallen on]
    your ·fruit [summer fruits] and ·grapes [vintage].
33 Joy and happiness are gone
    from the ·large, rich fields [fruitful/garden lands] of Moab.
I have stopped the flow of wine from the winepresses.
    No one walks on the grapes with shouts of joy.
There are shouts,
    but not shouts of joy.

34 “Their ·crying [cry for help] can be heard from Moabite towns,
    from Heshbon to Elealeh and Jahaz.
It can be heard from Zoar as far away as Horonaim and Eglath Shelishiyah.
    Even the waters of Nimrim are ·dried up [desolate].
35 I will stop Moab
    from making burnt offerings [Lev. 1:1–17] at the ·places of worship [L high places; C sites associated with pagan worship or inappropriate worship of God] and from ·burning incense [or making offerings] to their gods,” says the Lord.

36 “My heart ·cries sadly [wails] for Moab like a ·flute [reed-pipe; C an instrument that plays funeral songs].
    It ·cries [wails] like a ·flute [reed-pipe] for the people from Kir Hareseth.
    The money they made has all ·been taken away [perished].
37 Every head has been shaved
    and every beard cut off.
Everyone’s hands are ·cut [gashed],
    and everyone wears ·rough cloth around his waist [sackcloth; burlap; C mourning rituals].
38 People are ·crying [mourning] on every roof [C flat roofs were living space] in Moab
    and in every public square.
There is nothing but ·sadness [lament],
    because I have broken Moab
    like a jar no one wants [19:1–13; 22:28; Ps. 2:9],” says the Lord.
39 “·Moab [L How it] is shattered! The people are ·crying [wailing]!
    ·Moab turns away [L How it turns its neck] in ·shame [humiliation]!
People all around her make fun of her.
    The things that happened fill them with great fear [Is. 16:6–12].”

40 This is what the Lord says:

“Look! Someone is coming, like an eagle ·diving down from the sky [swooping down]
    and spreading its wings over Moab [49:22; Ezek. 17:3–4; Hos. 8:1].
41 The towns of Moab will be captured,
    and the ·strong, walled cities [fortresses] will be ·defeated [seized].
·At that time [L On that day] ·Moab’s warriors will be frightened, [L the heart of Moab’s warriors will be]
    like ·a [L the heart of a] woman who is ·having a baby [in labor].
42 The nation of Moab will be destroyed,
    because they ·thought they were greater than [magnified themselves over] the Lord.
43 Fear, deep pits, and traps wait for you,
    people of Moab,” says the Lord.
44 “People will ·run [flee] from fear,
    but they will fall into the pits.
Anyone who climbs out of the pits
    will be caught in the traps.
I will bring the year of punishment to Moab,” says the Lord.

45 “People ·have run [flee] from the ·powerful enemy [L strong]
    and ·have gone to Heshbon for safety [L stand in the shadow of Heshbon].
But fire ·started in [L has come out from] Heshbon;
    a ·blaze [L flame] has spread from the ·hometown [L house] of Sihon [C early king of Moab; Num. 21:28].
It ·burned up [L devoured] the ·leaders [or forehead] of Moab
    and ·destroyed those proud people [L the pate of the sons of tumult].
46 ·How terrible it is for [Woe to] you, Moab!
    The people of Chemosh [C the chief god of Moab] have been destroyed.
Your sons have been taken ·captive [into exile],
    and your daughters ·have been taken away [into captivity].

47 “But in ·days to come [the latter days],
    I will ·make good things happen again to [restore the fortunes of] Moab,” says the Lord.
This ends the judgment on Moab.

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