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Job 12:22-24 New English Translation (NET Bible)

22 He reveals the deep things of darkness,
and brings deep shadows[a] into the light.
23 He makes nations great,[b] and destroys them;
he extends the boundaries of nations
and disperses[c] them.[d]
24 He deprives the leaders of the earth[e]
of their understanding;[f]
he makes them wander
in a trackless desert waste.[g]


  1. Job 12:22 tn The Hebrew word is traditionally rendered “shadow of death” (so KJV, ASV); see comments at Job 3:3.
  2. Job 12:23 tn The word מַשְׂגִּיא (masgiʾ, “makes great”) is a common Aramaic word, but only occurs in Hebrew here and in Job 8:11 and 36:24. Some mss have a change, reading the form from שָׁגָה (shagah, “leading astray”). The LXX omits the line entirely.
  3. Job 12:23 tn The difficulty with the verb נָחָה (nakhah) is that it means “to lead; to guide,” but not “to lead away” or “to disperse,” unless this passage provides the context for such a meaning. Moreover, it never has a negative connotation. Some vocalize it וַיַּנִּיחֶם (vayyannikhem), from נוּחַ (nuakh), the causative meaning of “rest,” or “abandon” (Driver, Gray, Gordis). But even there it would mean “leave in peace.” Blommerde suggests the second part is antithetical parallelism, and so should be positive. So Ball proposed וַיִּמְחֶם (vayyimkhem) from מָחָה (makhah): “and he cuts them off.”
  4. Job 12:23 sn The rise and fall of nations, which does not seem to be governed by any moral principle, is for Job another example of God’s arbitrary power.
  5. Job 12:24 tn Heb “the heads of the people of the earth.”
  6. Job 12:24 tn Heb “heart.”
  7. Job 12:24 tn The text has בְּתֹהוּ לֹא־דָרֶךְ (betohu loʾ darekh): “in waste—no way,” or “in a wasteland [where there is] no way,” thus, “trackless” (see the discussion of negative attributes using לֹא [loʾ] in GKC 482 §152.u).
New English Translation (NET)

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