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Job 31:30-32 New English Translation (NET Bible)

30 I[a] have not even permitted my mouth[b] to sin
by asking[c] for his life through a curse—
31 if[d] the members of my household[e] have never said,[f]
‘If only there were[g] someone
who has not been satisfied from Job’s[h] meat!’—
32 But[i] no stranger[j] had to spend the night outside,
for I opened my doors to the traveler[k]


  1. Job 31:30 tn This verse would then be a parenthesis in which he stops to claim his innocence.
  2. Job 31:30 tn Heb “I have not given my palate.”
  3. Job 31:30 tn The infinitive construct with the ל (lamed) preposition (“by asking”) serves in an epexegetical capacity here, explaining the verb of the first colon (“permitted…to sin”). To seek a curse on anyone would be a sin.
  4. Job 31:31 tn Now Job picks up the series of clauses serving as the protasis.
  5. Job 31:31 tn Heb “the men of my tent.” In context this refers to members of Job’s household.
  6. Job 31:31 sn The line is difficult to sort out. Job is saying it is sinful “if his men have never said, ‘O that there was one who has not been satisfied from his food.’” If they never said that, it would mean there were people out there who needed to be satisfied with his food.
  7. Job 31:31 tn The optative is again expressed with “who will give?”
  8. Job 31:31 tn Heb “his”; the referent (Job) has been specified in the translation for clarity.
  9. Job 31:32 tn This verse forms another parenthesis. Job stops almost at every point now in the conditional clauses to affirm his purity and integrity.
  10. Job 31:32 tn Or “[resident] foreigner.” The term גֵּר (ger) refers to a foreign resident, but with different social implications in different settings. Here the “stranger” stands in need of the hospitality of lodgings.
  11. Job 31:32 tn The word in the MT, אֹרחַ (ʾorakh, “way”), is a contraction from אֹרֵחַ (ʾoreakh, “wayfarer”); thus, “traveler.” The same parallelism is found in Jer 14:8. The reading here “on/to the road” is meaningless otherwise.
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