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Job 5:25-27 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

25 And thou shalt know also, that thy seed shall be manyfold, and thy generation shall be as an herb of [the] earth. (And thou shalt know also, that thy descendants shall be many, and thy children shall be like the grass on the earth.)

26 In abundance (of years) thou shalt go into the sepulchre, as an heap of wheat is borne [in] in his time (In the abundance of years thou shalt go to the grave, or into the tomb, yea, like a heap of wheat is brought in, or harvested, in its time.)

27 Lo! this thing is so, as we have sought (Lo! we have sought out this thing, and it is so); the which thing when thou hast heard (it), treat it in thy mind.


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