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Job 33 Expanded Bible (EXB)

33 “Now, Job, ·listen to [hear] my words.
    Pay attention to ·everything I say [L all my words].
I open my mouth
    and ·am ready to speak [L the tongue in my mouth speaks].
My words come from an ·honest [virtuous] heart,
    and ·I am sincere in saying what I know [L what my lips know they speak with sincerity].
The Spirit of God ·created [has made] me,
    and the breath of ·the Almighty [Shaddai] gave me life.
Answer me if you can;
    get yourself ready and stand before me.
I am just like you before God;
    I too ·am made [was formed] out of clay.
·Don’t be afraid of me [L Dread of me should not scare you];
    ·I will not be hard on you [L My pressure will not be too heavy on you].

“But ·I heard what you have said [L you have spoken in my ear];
    I heard ·every word [L the sound of your words].
You said, ‘I am pure and without ·sin [transgression];
    I am ·innocent [L clean] and free from guilt.
10 But God has found ·fault [reason to be upset] with me;
    he ·considers me [thinks I am] his enemy.
11 He ·locks [places] my feet in ·chains [shackles]
    and ·closely watches everywhere I go [L guards all my paths].’

12 “But I tell you, you are not ·right in saying this [L correct],
    I will answer you, for God is greater than ·we are [L any human being].
13 Why do you ·accuse [contend with] God
    ·of not answering anyone [or for no one can answer all his words]?
14 God does speak—sometimes ·one way and sometimes another [or once and sometimes twice]
    even though people may not ·understand [perceive] it.
15 He speaks in a dream or a vision of the night
    when people are in a deep sleep,
    lying on their beds in slumber.
16 He ·speaks in [L opens] their ears
    and frightens them with warnings
17 to turn them away from doing wrong
    and to keep them from being proud.
18 God does this to ·save people [L keep them] from ·death [L the Pit; C a reference to the grave and the underworld],
    to keep them from ·dying [L the water channel; C another reference to the grave and the underworld].
19 People may be ·corrected [reprimanded; reproved] while in bed in great pain;
    they may have continual pain in their very bones.
20 ·They may be in such pain that they even hate [L Their lives loathe] food,
    even ·the very best meal [choice food].
21 ·Their body becomes so thin [L Their flesh wastes away so that] ·there is almost nothing left of it [L it cannot be seen],
    and their bones that were hidden now stick out.
22 ·They are [L Their souls draw] near ·death [L the Pit; 33:18],
    and their life ·is almost over [L comes near those who bring death].

23 “·But there may be [L If there is] an angel to speak for him,
    one out of a thousand, ·who will tell him what to do [a mediator who declares a person virtuous].
24 The angel will ·beg for mercy [or be gracious to him] and say:
    ‘·Save [Redeem] him from ·death [L going down to the Pit; 33:18].
    I have found a ·way to pay for his life [ransom].’
25 Then his body is made new like a ·child’s [youth’s].
    It will return to the way it was when he was ·young [vigorous].
26 That person will pray to God, and God will ·listen to [L accept] him.
    He will see God’s face and will shout with happiness.
    And ·God will set things right for him again [or he will repeat to others that he has been vindicated].
27 Then he will ·say [L sing] to others,
    ‘I sinned and ·twisted what was right [perverted/sullied virtue],
    but I did not receive the punishment I should have received.
28 God ·bought [redeemed] my life ·back from death [L from crossing over to the Pit; 33:18],
    and ·I will continue to enjoy life [L my life will yet see the light].’

29 “God does all these things to a person
    two or even three times
30 ·so he won’t die as punishment for his sins [L to bring back his life from the Pit; 33:18]
    and so he may ·still enjoy life [L be illuminated with the light of life].

31 “Job, pay attention and listen to me;
    be quiet, and I will speak.
32 If you have anything to say, answer me;
    speak up, because I want to ·prove you right [vindicate you].
33 But if you have nothing to say, then listen to me;
    be quiet, and I will teach you wisdom.”

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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