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Job 11:15 New English Translation (NET Bible)

15 For[a] then you will lift up your face
without[b] blemish;[c]
you will be securely established[d]
and will not fear.


  1. Job 11:15 tn The absolute certainty of the statement is communicated with the addition of כִּי (ki). See GKC 498 §159.ee.
  2. Job 11:15 tn For this use of the preposition מִן (min) see GKC 382 §119.w.
  3. Job 11:15 tn The word “lift up” is chosen to recall Job’s statement that he could not lift up his head (10:15); the words “without spot” recall his words “filled with shame.” The sentence here says that he will lift up his face in innocence and show no signs of God’s anger on him.
  4. Job 11:15 tn The form מֻצָק (mutsaq) is a Hophal participle from יָצַק (yatsaq, “to pour”). The idea is that of metal being melted down and then poured to make a statue, and so hard, firm, solid. The LXX reads the verse, “for thus your face shall shine again, like pure water, and you shall divest yourself of uncleanness, and shall not fear.”
New English Translation (NET)

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