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Job 8:5 New English Translation (NET Bible)

But[a] if you will look[b] to God,
and make your supplication[c] to the Almighty,


  1. Job 8:5 tn “But” is supplied to show the contrast between this verse and the preceding line.
  2. Job 8:5 tn The verb שִׁחַר (shikhar) means “to seek; to seek earnestly” (see 7:21). With the preposition אֶל (ʾel) the verb may carry the nuance of “to address; to have recourse to” (see E. Dhorme, Job, 114). The LXX connected it etymologically to “early” and read, “Be early in prayer to the Lord Almighty.”
  3. Job 8:5 tn The verb תִּתְחַנָּן (titkhannan) means “to make supplication; to seek favor; to seek grace” (from חָנַן, khanan). Bildad is saying that there is only one way for Job to escape the same fate as his children—he must implore God’s mercy. Job’s speech had spoken about God’s seeking him and not finding him, but Bildad is speaking of the importance of Job’s seeking God.
New English Translation (NET)

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