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Joshua 10:40-42 Expanded Bible (EXB)

40 So Joshua ·defeated [L struck down] ·all the kings of the cities of these areas [L the whole region/land]: the ·mountains [hill country], ·southern Canaan [L the Negev], the ·western foothills [lowlands; L Shephelah], and the slopes [L and all their kings]. The Lord, the God of Israel, had ·told [commanded] Joshua to ·completely destroy [devote to destruction; 2:10; 6:17] all ·the people [L that breathed] as an offering to the Lord, so he left no one alive in those places. 41 Joshua captured all the cities from Kadesh Barnea to Gaza, and from Goshen to Gibeon. 42 He captured all these cities and their kings ·on one trip [in one campaign; L at one time], because the Lord, the God of Israel, was fighting for Israel.

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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