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Joshua 10:40-42 Lexham English Bible (LEB)

40 So Joshua struck all the land—the hill country, the Negev,[a] the Shephelah,[b] and the slopes[c]—and all their kings; he left behind no survivor, and all that breathed[d] he utterly destroyed as Yahweh the God of Israel commanded. 41 Joshua struck them from Kadesh Barnea to Gaza, and all the land of Goshen up to Gibeon; 42 all of these kings and their land Joshua captured at one time, because Yahweh the God of Israel fought for Israel.


  1. Joshua 10:40 An arid region south of the Judaean hills
  2. Joshua 10:40 Or “lowlands”; a geographical region on the western edge of the hills of Judea
  3. Joshua 10:40 The slopes of the hills of the western Jordan to the Dead Sea region
  4. Joshua 10:40 Literally “all of the breath”
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