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Joshua 1:12-14 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

12 Also Joshua said to men of Reuben, and to men of Gad, and to the half lineage of Manasseh, (And Joshua said to the men of Reuben, and the men of Gad, and the men of the eastern half of the tribe of Manasseh[a],)

13 Have ye mind of the word which Moses, the servant of the Lord, commanded to you, and said, Your Lord God hath given to you rest, and all the land; (Remember what Moses, the servant of the Lord, commanded to you, saying, The Lord your God hath given rest to you, and hath given you all of this land;)

14 your wives, and your sons, and your beasts shall dwell in the land that Moses gave to you beyond (the) Jordan, (that is, on the east side of the river); but pass ye (over) armed, all (the) strong in hand, before your brethren; and fight ye for them,


  1. Joshua 1:12 The tribe of Manasseh divided in two after the defeat of Sihon and Og; one half settled on the eastern side of the Jordan River, and the other half on the western side.

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