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Joshua 7:1-2 Expanded Bible (EXB)

The Sin of Achan

But the ·Israelites [L sons/T children of Israel] ·did not obey the Lord [L acted unfaithfully in regard to the devoted things; 6:17]. There was a man from the tribe of Judah named Achan. (He was the son of Carmi and grandson of Zabdi, who was the son of Zerah.) Because Achan kept some of the ·things that were to be given to the Lord [L devoted things], the ·Lord became very angry [L Lord’s anger burned] at the Israelites.

Joshua sent some men from Jericho to Ai [C the name means “dump,” indicating that it should have been an easy military target], which was near Beth Aven, east of Bethel. He told them, “Go to Ai and spy out the area.” So the men went to spy on Ai.

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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