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Judges 5:11-13 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

11 For the noise of the archers appraised among the [a]drawers of water: there shall they rehearse the righteousness of the Lord, his righteousness of his towns in Israel: then did the people of the Lord go down to the gates.

12 Up Deborah, up, arise, and sing a song: arise Barak, and lead [b]thy captivity captive, thou son of Abinoam.

13 For they that remain, have dominion over the mighty of the people: the Lord hath given me dominion over the strong.


  1. Judges 5:11 For now you may draw water without fear of your enemies.
  2. Judges 5:12 To wit, them that kept thy people in captivity.
1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

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Judges 5:11-13 New International Version (NIV)

11 the voice of the singers[a] at the watering places.
    They recite the victories of the Lord,
    the victories of his villagers in Israel.

“Then the people of the Lord
    went down to the city gates.
12 ‘Wake up, wake up, Deborah!
    Wake up, wake up, break out in song!
Arise, Barak!
    Take captive your captives, son of Abinoam.’

13 “The remnant of the nobles came down;
    the people of the Lord came down to me against the mighty.


  1. Judges 5:11 The meaning of the Hebrew for this word is uncertain.
New International Version (NIV)

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