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Lamentations 2:1-3 Expanded Bible (EXB)

The Lord Destroyed Jerusalem

Look how the Lord in his anger
    has ·brought Jerusalem to shame [L treated the daughter of Zion with contempt; or brought a cloud over the daughter of Zion].
He has thrown down the ·greatness [splendor; beauty] of Israel
    from the ·sky [heavens] to the earth;
he did not remember his footstool [C the Temple; Ps. 99:5; 132:7],
    on the day of his anger.

The Lord swallowed up without ·mercy [pity]
    all the ·houses [homes; dwellings] of the people of Jacob;
in his anger he ·pulled down [demolished]
    the strong places of [L the daughter of] Judah.
He threw her kingdom and its rulers
    down to the ground in dishonor.

In his anger he has ·removed [cut to pieces]
    all the ·strength [L horn; C a symbol of pride and power] of Israel;
he took away his ·power [L right hand] from Israel
    when the enemy came.
He burned against the people of Jacob [C another name for Israel] like a flaming fire
    that burns up everything around it.

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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