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Leviticus 11:9-11 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

Also these things be that be engendered in waters, and [it] is leaveful to eat; ye shall eat all things that have fins and scales, as well in the sea, as in [the] fresh floods, and standing waters; (And these things that be begotten in waters, it is lawful for ye to eat; ye shall eat all the things that have fins and scales, that be in the sea, as well as those that be in fresh water rivers, and lakes, and ponds;)

10 soothly whatever thing of them that be moved and live in waters (but whichever of them that move and live in water), (but) hath not fins and scales, shall be abominable, and loathsome to you;

11 and ye shall not eat the flesh of those, and ye shall eschew their bodies dead by themselves. (and ye shall not eat their flesh, and ye shall shun their dead bodies.)


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