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Leviticus 15:30-32 Expanded Bible (EXB)

30 The priest must offer one bird for a sin [or purification; 4:3] offering and the other for a whole burnt offering [1:1–17]. In this way the priest will make her clean so she can belong to the Lord again [L and make atonement for her].

31 “‘So you must warn the ·people [L sons; children] of Israel to stay separated from things that make them unclean [C in a ritual sense]. If you don’t warn the people, they might make my ·Holy Tent [Tabernacle] unclean, and then they would have to die!’”

32 These are the ·teachings [laws; instructions] for the person who ·discharges a body fluid [has a discharge] and for the man who becomes unclean [C in a ritual sense] from ·semen coming out of his body [an emission of semen].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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